Meet the Y2K-style sneaker our editors are wearing

Meet the Y2K-style sneaker our editors are wearing

ASICS have brought back their coveted GT-2160™ sneakers and our editors can’t get enough. Discover more about these new it-shoes and how you can incorporate them into your everyday repertoire.

If there’s one item you’ll never find absent in our wardrobes, it’s a faithful pair of sneakers. Beyond their obvious comfort and practicality, a well-chosen sneaker can be a versatile staple in your footwear repertoire. Seriously, what’s not to love about a shoe that can be worn to the gym but also paired with your favourite tailored suiting? One brand that is championing this concept expertly is ASICS, whose Sportstyle collection masterfully marries cutting-edge sports technology with fashion-forward designs. 

With the recent renaissance of Y2K fashion, the brand has relaunched one of its most iconic styles, the GT-2160™ sneaker, initially unveiled as part of the GT-2000™ range in the early 2010s. Paying homage to its earlier iterations in both its aesthetic and its construction, the relaunched GT-2160™ sneaker embraces the same sleek, undulating profile that defined the GT-2000™ series, while also incorporating dual GEL™ technology and a segmented midsole (that give the shoes their comfortable cushioned feel). Available in four core colour variations—White/Pure Silver, White/Illusion Blue,  White/Shamrock Green and Oyster Grey/ Carbon— each pair is imbued with a touch of the metallic chromecore aesthetic that was popularised during the 2000s.

In celebration of this newly released sneaker, our editors picked out their favourite GT-2160™ colourway and took to their wardrobes to conjure up their own unique way of styling them. Below, we take you through each look and tell you exactly why these sneakers deserve a spot on your spring wishlist.

Sarah wears the ASICS GT-2160™ in White/Illusion Blue.

Sarah Murray, Editor-in-chief

I’ll be honest – my normal shoe du jour is a heel – the higher the better. As someone who is relatively short I enjoy the height they give me. However, we all know heels are not always the most practical (or the most comfortable!) which is why it’s essential to have some sneakers on the go. Thankfully, my ASICS GT-2160™ in the blue and silver colourway tend to pretty much go with everything. I love slipping into them quickly to do the school run – paired with just my workout gear,  a long black Harris Tapper coat, and dark Bottega sunglasses.  But I’ve been pleasantly surprised that they can also be teamed with simple jeans and a tee combo (complete with a blazer or jacket like my Maggie Marilyn sailing jacket). They’re comfortable too – so comfy in fact I’ve been choosing them over any of the aforementioned heels most days. 

Louise wears the ASICS GT-2160™ in White/Shamrock Green.

Louise Dunn, Digital editor

Since comfort is a central component of my everyday style, I tend to lean towards relaxed silhouettes and soft textures in my outfits, borrowing style cues from Scandi street style. Day to day, it’s common to find me wearing a pair of slouchy suit trousers (often picked out of the menswear section) with an oversized tee or jumper; and while other shoes certainly have a place in my wardrobe, sneakers are an unwavering staple in my footwear rotation given how much time I spend walking. When styling my ASICS GT-2160™ sneakers (which I selected in the White/Shamrock Green colourway) I found it easy to pair them with my favourite pinstripe grey trousers and a monochrome baggy knit for a chic off-duty look. Keeping my accessories simple, I opted for a slicked bun and rounded off the ensemble with a pair of sunglasses and my mini crocodile skin bag. Don’t be surprised if you see me wearing this outfit on the reg’. 

Amberley wears the ASICS GT-2160™ in White/Pure Silver.

Amberley Colby, Editorial assistant

Though I’m one of those people who has always found truth in the saying ‘beauty is pain’ (both in my grooming habits and sartorial choices), the ASICS GT-2160™ sneaker was a refreshing switch up from my usual heels or tight-fitting boots. My everyday style, though extremely varied, is often pretty layered at this time of year. I love chucking a blazer, wool coat or trench over my base layers as it sharpens up a more basic ensemble – plus, I can always take it off if I get too warm. Since I picked out the GT-2160™ White/Pure Silver colourway that features a touch of canary yellow, I wanted to infuse my outfit with some complementary tones. As a creature of habit, I opted for a mostly black ensemble, donning some streamlined, wide-leg black pants, a structured black top with cut outs, and my favourite creamy yellow trench coat – which I discovered paired perfectly with my new ASICS. Finishing off my outfit with a black baguette-style bag and a pair of gold hoops, this look felt effortlessly chic, and I loved the cushioned feeling of these shoes as I embarked on my city commute.

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