24 hours in Dunedin with FQ’s editorial assistant

24 hours in Dunedin with FQ’s editorial assistant

Join our editorial assistant Amberley on an action-packed 24-hour stay in Dunedin during the height of winter.

24 hours in Dunedin with FQ’s editorial assistant
24 hours in Dunedin with FQ’s editorial assistant

Our editorial assistant Amberley was invited to Dunedin this week to attend the opening of The Shelter’s new boutique, located right in the heart of the city. There was free-flowing prosecco and finger food, and, naturally, a spectacular array of new season sartorial staples from the likes of Issey Miyake, Taylor, and Rick Owens. 

Here’s everything that she got up to during her 24-hour sojourn:

Day one

11:30am – Take off

I arrive perfectly on time to the airport with a spring in my step. With no luggage to check in, I head straight for my departure gate where I park up at a suitably cosy coffee shop to get a spot of writing in before embarking on the nearly two-hour flight. I’m caffeinated and ready to go.

2:40pm – Arrival in Dunedin

Despite being a bit late to get away, we make our descent into Dunedin relatively on time. I manage to catch multiple glimpses out the aeroplane window at the vast greenery and sunny blue skies. What a day to be here!

3:30 – Check-in at the Ebb Hotel

My taxi drops me right out the front of the Ebb Hotel, my accommodation for the night. This contemporary boutique hotel opened in 2021, and to say that it’s chic would be an understatement. I make my way to the reception to check in and then up to my room on the top floor. The entire hotel is built around a stunning courtyard and the walls of each floor are wrapped with striking artworks – you could almost mistake it for an art gallery. I put down my bags and acquaint myself with my room. There’s a chic marbled bathroom that has an oh-so-tempting bath tub (more on that later), an enormous bed and a plethora of modernist furnishings. I am delighted to find a welcome gift from The Shelter which features a selection of locally-made treats from Dunedin and one of Taylor’s signature ‘Extension’ Tanks which will do doubt become a staple in my wardrobe come summer.

24 hours in Dunedin with FQ’s editorial assistant
24 hours in Dunedin with FQ’s editorial assistant
24 hours in Dunedin with FQ’s editorial assistant

3:50pm – A brief look around the city

I head out to enjoy the (unusually) splendid weather and make my way along George Street to grab a late lunch and take in the sights and sounds of the city.

4:30pm – Time to get ready

I head back to my room, unpack my belongings and decide on my outfit for the night. While I fix my hair and makeup, I pop an episode of Desperate Housewives on the TV and peruse the assortment of bottled cocktails that the minibar has to offer.

5:30pm – Launch time!

It’s officially event time. After taking a couple of outfit pics in the full-length mirror in my room, I make my way down to The Shelter’s new store which is just a stone’s throw from my hotel. I enter the store and it’s bustling with people excitedly moving about the space. The fitout is cool, moody, spacious – very on brand for The Shelter. I am welcomed with a glass of prosecco and begin to make my way around the store. 

24 hours in Dunedin with FQ’s editorial assistant
24 hours in Dunedin with FQ’s editorial assistant
My look for the night.

6:30pm – A grand tour of the store

The left wall of the store is dedicated entirely to Taylor’s latest collection, which I take my time perusing through. There’s everything from simple shirting and lightweight knits to slinky slip dresses within my reach, and it feels like dangerous territory for my wallet. I take particular joy in looking at the vibrant new red pieces, which provide a delightful contrast to the brand’s signature monochrome palette. After a lap of the store, I’ve managed to get amongst the array of Rick Owens and Issey Miyake on offer and I now have a mental wish list of everything I want to purchase. My glass of prosecco is topped up and I indulge in a nibble or two from the exquisite table of catering. I am told that there is a competition running where you can win a garment of your choosing, so I quickly make my way over to the entry table where I put in an entry for Taylor’s Folded Exude Slip Dress – because you can never have too many little black dresses, right? 

8:00pm – Goodnight 

After an enjoyable couple of hours socialising with the fellow event guests and having a thorough look through the stunning new space, it’s time to head out for some dinner and then make my way back to the Ebb. I run a bubble bath in my room’s ludicrously capacious bathtub and relax while watching yet another episode of Desperate Housewives. I cleanse my face, don my pyjamas, and call it a night.

The Shelter Dunedin
Imagery: supplied by The Shelter.
24 hours in Dunedin with FQ’s editorial assistant

Day two

6:30am – Rise and shine

My alarm goes off at 6:30am and I lie in bed for a few minutes enjoying the gloriously soft mattress. Nothing beats a hotel bed, I think to myself. I get ready for the day and make my way down to the Ebb Cafe on the ground floor.

7:30am – Breakfast time

I meet with the rest of the team from The Shelter and we debrief over last night’s festivities over a wholesome breakfast and coffee (of course). 

8:15am – Back to Auckland

After a brief but extremely enjoyable stay in the city of Dunedin, it’s time for me to head back to reality. As my Uber drives me along the scenic route to the airport, I reminisce over the last 24 hours and all of the interesting people, sights and chic clothing I’ve had the pleasure of viewing. If you needed a sign to visit Dunedin, whether for a fleeting sojourn or an extended stay, this is it.

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