Your guide to party dressing this celebration season

Your guide to party dressing this celebration season

Shimmer, spice, and everything nice. Consider this your guide to dressing up this party season.

We don’t know about you, but when celebration season rolls around, the best part about receiving an invite to something is having an excuse to dress up. From Christmas lunches, to work functions and New Years’ parties, there are countless opportunities over the coming weeks to bring a bit of drama into your wardrobe. And while there’s no one-size-fits all for party dressing – unless there’s a specific dress code that is – we sure do love bringing in a bit of sparkle.  

Be it a bedazzled accoutrement or a timeless LBD, we’ve rounded up just a few of the glamorous sartorial additions you might want to consider for your party wardrobe this season. 

Read on below for our shoppable guide.

Isabel Marant 'Leila' top, $959, from Workshop
Meadowlark ‘Galaxy’ necklace, $2289
Louis Vuitton ‘Blossom’ sandal, $2130
H&M Rabanne ‘Beaded Disc’ earrings, $99
Cadman Rock ‘Warrior’ Hand Hammered bangle, $499
Alaïa pearl belt, $3489, from Faradays
Self-Portrait 'Sequinned Tulle' midi dress, $1130, from Net-a-Porter
Tiffany & Co ‘Diamond Wire’ bracelet, POA
Storm 'Fire Eyes' top, $249
Rolex ‘Explorer 40’ watch, $12,500
H&M Rabanne ‘Sequin Disc’ mini dress, $399
Balenciaga ‘Hourglass’ XS handbag, $10,530
Meadowlark ‘Fizzy’ ring, $3135
Prada Satin cover for Iphone 14 Plus, $825
Pandora ‘Moments Charm’ keyring, $89
Cartier ‘Panthère De Cartier’ watch, $49,800, from Partridge Jewellers
Oséree ‘Gem Embellished Chain’ bra, $455, from Mytheresa
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