Meet the FQ team: Digital editor Louise Dunn

Meet the FQ team: Digital editor Louise Dunn

Meet the FQ team making NZFW Kahuria 2023 happen.

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NZFW is back after a three-year hiatus and Fashion Quarterly is your all-access pass, bringing you exclusive backstage content, the very best street style, interviews with top fashion designers and models, runway reviews and beauty breakdowns.

What’s your role at Fashion Quarterly?

In short: everything that is published on the, our social media channels, and in our weekly newsletter has either been written or edited by me. Content creation and curation, writing/editing, and visual content management are the primary tasks of the digital editor and are complemented with several strategic tasks like SEO and analytics, adapting to digital trends, and audience engagement. I collaborate with our art director Georgia to iterate on our ‘look and feel’ and support our editor in chief Sarah with commercial content and the odd article for print. I couldn’t tackle the sheer quantity of tasks under the digital veil without the muscle of our editorial assistant Amberley and a few others who assist with workflow, client bookings, and managing our digital platforms (you know who you are).  

What will your focus be at NZFW?

Being open-minded and providing support to our local designers – new and established – by way of attending and reporting on their shows, any noteworthy trends, and relaying it back to our readers. We plan on being active on the FQ Instagram and wrapping up each day with a daily digest on, so stay tuned. 

When did you attend your first NZFW and what’s your standout memory from it?

The first NZFW I attended was in 2018 as a digital content producer. The digital editor at the time was lapping it up in Europe so it was initiation by fire in terms of producing and publishing content around the clock. It was a whirlwind of a week and I loved every minute of it. The people, the parties, and the atmosphere of each show was so unique, it was intoxicating. The Stolen Girlfriends Club show was a standout, as was a particular Maggie Marilyn outfit that I wore that was so ~elite~ at the time. 

What has been your favourite NZFW show/collection to date?

Kathryn Wilson and Trelise Cooper have always turned out immaculate energy but it’s always the shows with the most ‘wearable now’ pieces that I feel most inspired by. In 2018, it’d be a tie between Wynn Hamlyn and Rachel Mills. But Hej Hej taking over a yacht in the Viaduct was pretty fabulous. 

What show(s) are you most looking forward to this year?

This year will be unlike previous years for many reasons. But I suspect the NOM*d show will be a highlight in terms of vibes and Zambesi for its collection. Given that this is Kate Sylvester’s 30th anniversary, I imagine she’ll be executing something special, too. 

What kind of trends or themes are you hoping to see on the runway this year?

Everyday chic – pieces that look polished, elegant and feminine in their silhouette but utilise very unfussy fabrics. I adore contrast like big masculine layers over sheer and supple textiles. I’m super curious to see which colourways emerge. 

What’s your key to making the week go smoothly?

Preparation is pretty key. Knowing what I’m going to be wearing ahead of time frees up my mental space to focus on being in the present. Oh, and a little self-compassion, too. During NZFW you’re not eating normally, sleeping regularly, or able to fulfil your routine which can feel jilting to any progress. But it’s such a privilege to have this opportunity and finding space during the week to appreciate that goes a long way. 

What’s your NZFW style?

Honestly, who knows? This year feels the most cavalier yet. I’ll be focused on comfort and chic outerwear. I’m at the age and stage where I feel pretty comfortable in myself to wear pieces however unglamorous with conviction. But if I had a budget to fulfil my wildest dreams, it would be oversized tailoring, relaxed mens knitwear, and beautiful pointed-toe pumps. 

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