Mascara tips for Loud & Clean Lashes

Mascara tips for Loud & Clean Lashes

Mascara! Did you know that mascarais the most used makeup product? A poll taken by Mintel said 64% of women wear mascara. That’s higher than foundation, blush, OR concealer. So, the majority of women are wearing mascara.

Why is mascara key in your makeup routine? Most woman wear mascara to make their eyes pop. Even if you don’t wear eyeshadow, adding a little mascara to your lashes opens the eyes and makes them look bigger.

What is it about mascara we love and how do you choose the right kind? There are so many choices, maybe too many choices. But now we have the perfect mascara for everyone — the New BEYOND LASH Volumizing Mascara.

What makes this mascara so great? It’s 98% naturally derived formula with clean, healthy ingredients for the eyes and lashes. If you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts this mascara is a perfect fit.

Key Ingredients In Our Clean Mascara

mascara ingredient bamboo

Bamboo Stem Powder

  • A natural alternative to nylon fibers that helps add lengthand volume to lashes.

Basil Root Extract

  • An antioxidant that helps lashes feel fuller and look healthier.
mascara ingredient basil

Rice Bran Wax

  • A vegan alternative to beeswax that helps provide a strong yet flexible coating.
mascara ingredient rice

It’s also important to understand what’s not in our healthymascara. As always, we strive for clean ingredients that perform. We always formulate without Parabens, Phthalates, no carbon black, or Teflon (standard ingredients in traditional mascaras).

The hourglass shaped wand is also a huge innovation. It will hug the base of the lashes so you can get even, thicker, fuller lashes with just one coat. And no clumping!

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