This Spring, We’re Celebrating Rejuvenation With Kendall Knox

This Spring, We’re Celebrating Rejuvenation With Kendall Knox

It’s the spring equinox—that time of the year when the sun is perfectly perched to balance the day and nature is finally making nice days official. Everywhere we look we're grounded by timeless rhythms and rejuvenation. Nature's age-old rituals remind us to look forward to a fresh season. There couldn't be a better metaphor for Kendall Knox's style. As one of the co-founders at Olive Ateliers, Kendall brings her honed eye to sourcing vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces from around the world to give them new life from their showroom in the Arts District of Los Angeles. We wanted to take a peek at her nearby Venice home and get some tips on how she creates charisma with natural textures and old soul finds.


Tell us about you Kendall, tell us about the creative journey from being that friend with good taste to finding your voice and building Olive Ateliers. 

From a young age, I’ve always been excited and inspired by self-expression through fashion and design. My mum has incredible taste and an eclectic eye for interiors, and growing up my friends would always love to hang out at our house because of the care and character it evoked. Fast forward, after my relocation from Sydney to Los Angeles and a fifteen-year-long career in the fashion industry, I found myself yearning for a new challenge, something tactile that allowed me to explore my creativity and married my passion for interiors with my professional skills and experience. Olive Ateliers started as a side hustle, born from an adoration of unique and interesting objects of age, with a story to tell. We knew we wanted to do more than just source and sell things, we wanted to inspire curious living by creating a brand that offered access to an abundance of beautiful one-of-a-kind home and garden decor, via a unique and awe-inspiring experience. So, we did just that…

We love a brand with a clear ethos, “Objects with Old Souls” fits your brand mission perfectly. What’s one thing you want people to know about you and the pieces you source for Olive Ateliers? 

Objects with Old Souls, for us, are objects that embody that of an old soul or are in fact, vintage or antique by definition. We like to source and curate unique collections of one-of-a-kind items with charm and character, that are a little rough around the edges and have a story to tell. We believe that by adding these objects to your space, not only are you enhancing the charisma but you’re encouraging connection and conversation with others. For us, that’s what it’s all about. A beautiful, tranquil place to call home, that you can share and enjoy with those you love.

Your space has a few Lulu and Georgia pieces layered in it. Is there one statement maker you still find yourself fawning over?

It’s the Lulu and Georgia x Jake Arnold collaboration for me. My beachwood rug has transformed our guest bedroom into a cozy haven. Oh, and my Tutu wine glasses are also to die for—I receive endless compliments, and they receive (too) much use!

We know care is critical in preserving artisan pieces. Do you have any special tips for storing and cleaning vintage pieces? 

The majority of what we source is vintage, antique, or deadstock and comes with varied patina, wear, and tear. We advise embracing imperfections and using these objects for decoration rather than functional use. However, if you wish to style a vintage vessel with fresh florals, for example, we always advise inserting a glass votive inside the vessel, to avoid water absorption as clay is quite porous. For any vintage vessel that arrives a little too rough around the edges, perhaps with dirt, dust, debris, or a faint odor, we recommend taking a dry rag to the surface of the vessel. You can also mist the interior of the vessel lightly with a vinegar and water solution and leave it out in the sun to air dry for a few days. Nothing a little nature can’t fix.

Spring is here, how are you bringing the season in? What’s your go-to seasonal renewal ritual? 

First things first, a little bedding refresh is always in order. I recently received the Cultiver Linen Bedding Set which has added a lovely, light airy feel to our master bedroom.  

Walk us through the process of curating vintage pieces—what’s the one piece of advice we should know when purchasing vintage? 

My biggest advice is not to overthink it. Sourcing vintage isn’t about chasing a trend, it’s about falling in love with and rehoming something that has lived many lives. So follow your intuition. Another piece of advice is to always ask the vendor or source for the origin story of the piece. Not only does it help validate the worth, but it’s a nice tidbit to share with others. 

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