Revolutionizing Workspaces with Tech Toolboxes

Revolutionizing Workspaces with Tech Toolboxes

As winter turns to spring, we must turn our attention to the annual task of spring cleaning. Having the right tools will save you time rushing about to gather up supplies. It will also ensure a seamless, uninterrupted spring cleaning process. Here’s what you should have on hand to get busy whenever motivation hits.

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1. Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners offer a great way to clean and disinfect surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. Ideal for removing dirt and grime from carpeting and rugs, a steam cleaner is also effective at reducing allergens in your home. Smaller steam cleaners are available for use on upholstery, and a steam floor mop will work wonders on the hard floors in your kitchen and bathrooms.

2. Vacuum

Every home should have a quality vacuum cleaner for both spring cleaning and general household maintenance. Upright vacuums are more compact and easier to store in closets and other tight spaces. They can also be easier to move from room to room. Canister vacuums tend to be more powerful and durable. You can also find vacuums in various sizes, ranging from lightweight stick vacuums to handheld vacuums for use on stairs and upholstery. Wet/dry vacs are ideal for deep cleaning or suctioning up liquid messes.

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3. Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths are also essential. Keep soft microfiber cloths on hand for glass, stainless steel, and other delicate surfaces. Dish cloths are also handy because they’re designed with more texture for scrubbing dishes as well as counters, tables, and other durable surfaces. You may want to keep various types of cloths available for different surfaces or rooms.

4. Cleaning Sponges

You’ll also want to have several cleaning sponges on hand. There are numerous types of sponges available for different tasks. Soft, porous sponges are ideal for cleaning floors, walls, and bathrooms. Sponges with an abrasive side are great for scrubbing away stuck-on grime but should only be used on durable surfaces.

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5. Brooms & Dust Pans

For general cleanup, you will want an angled broom that can reach into corners. A dustbin with an attached handle makes sweeping dirt into it easier and requires less bending. A large flat broom will come in handy for sweeping out larger areas or outdoor spaces, such as driveways or porches. You should also have a small hand broom for digging dust and debris out of cupboards and closets.

6. Dusters

There are two main types of dusters: synthetic and feather. Synthetic dusters are designed to attract a lot of dust in one cleaning session. When you’re done, the dusting pad can be simply be thrown away. A feather duster is also very effective, but it can be cleaned and reused, making it an eco-friendly option.

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7. Glass Cleaners & Squeegees

To clean mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces you’ll want a good glass cleaner and squeegee in your arsenal. There are both glass-only and multi-surface spray cleaners available that will clean glass without leaving streaks. A squeegee will help remove excess water when cleaning the outside of large windows. For indoor window cleaning, you can use your spray cleaner and a soft lint-free cloth or paper towels.

8. Floor Mops, Pails & Cleaners

The best way to clean hard floors is with a mop, pail, and floor cleaner. Mops come in various designs, including sponge mops, spin mops, and fabric mops which can be washed and reused. You’ll also need a sturdy pail to mix your cleaning solution and water, and to keep your mop head wet. When choosing a floor cleaner, you need to make sure it’s specifically designed for safe use on the type of flooring you have.

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9. Grout Brushes & Cleaners

Grout is one of the hardest surfaces of your home to clean, but it can be done with the right tools. First, you’ll need a grout cleaner that is formulated to remove tough stains from both floor and shower grouting. You will also want a grout safe brush that is stiff enough to scrub away tough grime buildup.

10. Comfort & Safety Gear

It’s a good idea to keep safety gear and supplies on hand before you get started with your spring cleaning. Safety goggles, gloves, and a respirator mask will help protect you from harsh cleaning chemicals which can irritate your eyes and skin. You may also want a kneeling pad to prevent bruising or scratching when getting down on your hands and knees to clean.

Spring cleaning isn’t fun, but with the right tools on hand it will go much faster and easier. Start with one big job first, like steam cleaning your carpets. Getting that out of the way might just inspire you to power through the rest of the work!

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